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.:Thank You's:.

There are so many people i'd like to say thank you for everything they did for me, or for playing a important part in my Life. First of all all the Friends from my School Time, we had a great time together and lots of fun, remember such things like Locarno or Lugano in the 8th and 9th School Year. With some i'm still in Contact and that's great. Then i thank my Family for being there for me if i need it, for helping me in every situation, i'm happy to have such a Family. Now to the girls i met through Westlife, it's so great to find such girls like you are, we can talk about everything not only about Westlife. Some friendsships i found through this Band last forever, because we stay in contact regulary. I'm glad to have you all. Then i have to thank the 4 Girls i met through Formula 1... It's great to have such friends like you, and i know we'll have fun if we meet us. I hope this Friendsships also last forever.
I don't write any names down here, the people who i mean know it, or should know it.

Thanks for everything
Lots of Love


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