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Fight to find myself...Me and no one else

So it's nearly April and i'm still without a real job. My internship finish ends of may and then? I really need a temporary job until end of 2011, and then i really hope that i can go over to the States. I've need space from home, i want my own thing and my own dream. Here are to many people who try to get in my head. Firstly my parents told me it's great that i wanna go to America as Au Pair, now they say it's a lost year again. But i don't think so, why a lost year? I see much from America, get to know a completly other culture, make a English Certificat finally, learn the American way of life. For some people i only walk away, but walk away from what?! It's so damn hard to find a job here in Switzerland, i haven't big chances to get a job in a office because they allways want to much experience and to high apprenticeships. So well what then? Sometime i really think "Walk away and don't look back." The Person i can't let go died last year. And the others alays tell me "Don't do that and don't do this." Hey i'm nearly 23 and have to make my own decisions in my life. So enough from that.

I can't wait for May, then Sabrina will maybe come to me for a Weekend *wuhuuuu* And in July i'll go to the F1 Race in Hockenheim and August i'll go to the German Rally in Trier and October i'll go with my  Ladys to the "Europa Park Rust" from the 22nd to the 24th October, we have a Room for 6, but finally only 5 will come... ok maybe Melly will come with us. If not, anyone interessted here? Please contact me

And i can't wait for 2011, because of the Holidays with Anna and Melly in California... =)

30.3.10 14:46
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Kerstin (17.4.10 18:13)
Ich finds cool, dass du nach Amerika willst Wobei natürlich ist es schwer, nen Job zu finden, ob nun vor Amerika oder danach... aber lechter wirds sicherlich nich, ich denke, das macht deinen Eltern eher sorgen, dass du nachher gar nicht mehr in Arbeit kommst, weil du dann wieder so lange weg warst Und bewerben aus Amerika ist auch nicht so leicht... Aber hey, abwarten, was die Zeit bringt

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