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I'm alive and if you believe it or not i'm blogging again

It's me again... Yeah u see it right i'm blogging... I have the need to do it right now... Don't ask me why...

nearly a year or more that i wrote something here on my blog that i have since February 2006... WOW nearly 6 years... If i read the entrys in my archive i cant believe what happend then... So many Memories... good and bad ones... I remember me on the worst time in my life then i was so down... But enough from the past haha... So many things have changed since then... Since i start blogging.. I need the Blog in the past for some confort, i wrote here all the thoughs i had the whole day down, i can tell the blog nearly everything, because not many people read this blog, because not many has the adress haha... So enough...

I'm sitting here and listening to my Spanish Panpipe Heros and remember if i was in Spain and sit at the Beach at the evening and listening to them LIVE... I really miss Spain, it's a second home... I was near Spain at my B'day... i have to say it was the best B'day i ever have so far... I met some of the The Vampire Diaries Cast... Nina, Ian, Candice, Malese and Michael it was sooooo damn special to meet them with my best Friend Melly and with best Work Friend Ingrid... We had lots of fun there and Nimes is really beautiful... Now i'm looking forward to Barcelona next year or maybe somewhere in the Languedoc Rousillon.. We will see... But i wanna see barcelona and then also Roses again and Nimes and and and loool

That's it for now... not really interessting i know haha


Nicci Salvatore am 3.9.11 00:29


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