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Gratis bloggen bei

I would give everything I own...

Hey Folks....

Sorry for not blogging that long time... I don't was in the mood for blogging...

Well my Practice at the practicefirm is finised now... now it's time for some time holidays, relaxe and recharge my battery for a prober job... I found in this time so many good new friends... and I'm thankful for that...

At the moment i'm a Movie freak... i bought so many new DVD's in the last months... Today i bought Bandslam a Film with my fave actresse Vanessa Hudgens and also a film with Drew Seely and Selena Gomez... And some Travel DVD's about the USA... And with the Post i got my to seasons of the 7th Heaven (Eine Himmlische Familie)... So i have so much to watch the next time...

And Awwwwww folks i pass the theory exam for my driving licence so now i can take my driving lessons....

Well will write again in the next days...

14.6.10 23:08
Letzte Einträge: Yes I start blogging again


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