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Work This out

So now i wanna look back to my 2009

January 2009
What can I say to this Month?! I was very sick, can't work until the end of the Month and then Quit the Job, because theJob in the Landi made me sick. That's all i can tell about January 2009...

February 2009
Last Month working in the Landi Wichtrach.And this Month was ok. She was nice to me and I can do what I want the most of the time. Best Day was the last at work there.

March 2009
I visited the Automobilsalon Geneva with Daniela and we had so much fun there. And a Week later we two went to Freiburg im Breisgau shopping. That was even more funnier. That's all for March...

April 2009
Weekend in Europa Park Rust with Jasmin, Ramona & Manuela over Easter. That was very great also. And i feel me even more better because I'm no more work at Landi.

May 2009
FORMULA 1 Weekend Barcelona with Melly. My first Weekend at the F1 Track. All things were so brilliant, only the fact that Raikkonen din't finish the race.

June 2009
nothing Special went on... I only have the whole house for myself, because my Parents were in Scandinavia for Holidays for 6 Weeks.

July 2009
Best Month in the whole Year 2009. Firstly i went to Germany to Melly for the F1 Race at the Nuerburgring. So well there I met Claudia, Svenja, Anna and finally Sabrina. Since this meeting we are so good friends. And the whole Weekend there was so fucking great. I met so many F1 Drivers and Principals. After the F1 Weekend I went to Spain with my Grandmum and Uncle for two Weeks. This two Weeks was also great.

August 2009
Nothing Special went on...

September 2009
Melly came to me for a Week and we visited some places like Baar, Thun, Geneva, Locarno. And we have lots of fun together as always if we're together.

October 2009
Only I can say last month without work...

November 2009
Worst Month in the whole year. Because my Grandmum died on the 17th November... R.I.P Grandmum you'll be in my heart forever...

December 2009
Christmas Time...Strange Time...Over worked... cool Weekend in Germany with my Girls...But it was to stressfull all things for me... I pushed it to the limit....

My Song for 2009
Push it to the Limit - Corbin Bleu

My Film for 2009
High School Musical

My Game for 2009
SingStar & F1 2009

My Actor for 2009
Zac Efron

My Actresse for 2009
Vanessa Anne Hudgens

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