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Hyvää Suomi...

Moi My Friends...

So only 3 Days till i'll go to Barcelona, can't wait of it, the only thing wht makes me a bit sad is, that it falls into the IceHockey Worldchampionsship The QuarterFinals, Semi Finals and Final is held in Bern, near to my home. I was in Bern Yesterday Evening at the Fan Tent and watched Switzerland vs USA and Finland vs Canada. Switzerland won against USA in the Postplaying Time after 12 secs...Sad that this didn't give the three points, only 2 so this wasn't enough that Switzerland come into the QuarterFinals...Finland won against Canada after "Penaulty smashing". I was so Happy for FInland, because they heard my Pray lool, i want them to win because that they play Wednesday in Bern so i can go to Bern and watch the Game again in the Fan Tent. I'm a very big Fan of the Finnish National Team esp. some of the Players like Sami Kapanen, Tommi Santala and Peteri Nummelin..But all of them are cool...So Hyvää Suomi...

So then to last week, i was at the Dentist for my "Wisdom Tooth". The tooth was broken so he must out of my mouth. it was okay, after 15 mins i was finnish...
At Tuesday I was at the Doc and Thursday at the Hairdresser...So that was the last Week...

This Week will be so brilliant. Wednesday the IceHockey Game against USA and then Thursday Melly will come and we are off to Spain..Then Tuesday 12th May we'll visit Wollerau together *Hihi*...

So lets cheer for Finland and Kimi Räikkönen on Sunday 

5.5.09 14:24
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